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Peter James Tribute Singer Biography


Peter James commenced his musical journey over 12 years ago, fulfilling his life long

ambition of being a singer. He has always loved the greats such as FRANK SINATRA,

TONY BENNETT, MATT MONRO and THE RAT PACK, and has always aspired to

achieve their level of singing and bring it to you for your special event. As well as the

stars mentioned above Peter has now included songs from MICHAEL BUBLE and many

others in his repertoire, which contains over 750 songs.


Peter has always maintained that although singing to a live band is better, it's not always

practical due to many reasons such as costs and the need for extra equipment. So Peter

sings to backing tracks which allows him to be a completely self contained and

versatile entertainer.


In the last 12 years Peter James has achieved many great feats including an

appearance on "Stars in Their Eyes" in 2006 performing as Tony Bennett, in 2005

he performed at The London Palladium, in "Guys and Dolls", where he sang two solo

performances, he has also performed in other great venues such as The Circus

Tavern to name but a few.


Peter learnt his craft in Tenerife in 1998 where he spent 6 months on the cabaret

scene which he considers was a fantastic experience!!! At present Peter James

sings in social clubs, weddings, private parties and restaurants.

Peter James Tribute Singer